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We believe it should be affordable and easy to get started with an NFT collection. We charge as low as 5% of your total sales. Zero starter fees, zero hassle.
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It's super simple to launch your collection with Bumpad. 
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Earn up to 75% from anything our launchpad brings in.
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What's the Story behind Bumpad?

Oil money takeover
Bum Fights was started in January by two guys called Bumfights King and Knockout. According to them, they did what they could but the community expected more. One of them got burned out and the other couldn't handle it all by himself.

Where does ArabPunkz come into the picture?
Ever since November 2021, our plan has jokingly (yet not jokingly) been to "arabize" the Solana ecosystem. Every project needs to have heard about ArabPunkz, and we still go by that core value. Our plan isn't something that will happen overnight, but something that will take its time to accomplish.
Taking over (derugging) projects has been on our agenda since we first started ArabPunkz, and we feel like we finally found the right project to revive.

We asked one of the guys if we could take over the project, and they happily gave it away, thanking us for "freeing them from the stress".

So here we are, we dropped the casino game, the token, and turned this project into a pure launchpad to give our bum holders a way of earning passive income.